MSD Looking for Old Photos of South Fairmount

We need your help! MSD is working on educational signage to be placed along the walkways for the Lick Run Valley Conveyance System (VCS) in South Fairmount. Some of the signage will be dedicated to South Fairmount’s history.

If you have old photos of South Fairmount dating from the 1800s to mid-1900s, we would love to borrow them for potential inclusion in the signage.

We will scan them and return them to you promptly. You will also receive credit for the photo on the signage. Please contact MSD Customer Service at (513) 557-3594 or

Historic Photos of South Fairmount

We came across some of these photos on the Cincinnati Traction History website. There are several more in the Fairmount and Westwood collection in addition to historic photographs of other parts of the city.